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Flatty Stylish Aesthetic Style Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme

Flatty Stylish Aesthetic Style Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme
CMS/Framework: Bootstrap Themes
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Layout: Responsive, Fluid
Preprocessors: SASS
Price: $18

Main features of Flatty Bootstrap Template include:

  • Responsive Flatty will adapt to any screen from TV to mobile.
  • Bootstrap 3 Based on popular Twitter Bootstrap 3.
  • Flat design Very popular design trend.
  • Ruby on Rails ready Flatty will work out of box with your Ruby on Rails.
  • 42 color schemes Multiple contrast colors (red, blue, green...) and main themes (light, dark, dark blue).
  • Retina ready Flatty includes ultra sharp graphics for retina screen.
  • Icons Font Awesome integration with 361 icons!
  • Documentation Extensive documentation which simply helps you.
  • Support Fast, free and outstanding online support.
  • Examples pages invoice, gallery, timeline, pricing tables, user profile, 404 and 500 error, sign in/sign up/forgot password, FAQ, orders, search results
  • Email templates confirmation, newsletter, password reset
  • 4 level vertical dropdown
  • Todo lists, chats, recent activities widgets
  • Calendar
  • Various charts
  • Select2 for better selects, color pickers, date pickers
  • Autosizing textareas, character counter, masked inputs
  • Password strength meter
  • Form validators
  • Form wizard
  • Country flags
  • Address book
  • Inplace editing, file trees, file upload plugin
  • WYSIWYG editors
  • Datatables, responsive tables
  • Many more...
  • Several extensions and tweaks
  • Additions of example pages (user profile, ecommerce section, messages center, ...)
  • RTL support
  • And much more UI improvements...
  • Bootstrap 3 update
  • Better touch support
  • Asset organization cleanup
  • Improved gallery, error pages, sign in, and...
  • Updated plugins
  • HTML/CSS fixed
  • Performance tweaks
  • Improved documentation you can take a look .
  • Added Compass stylesheets
  • Major asset reorganization and improvements
  • Fixed some SASS and Ruby on Rails bugs
  • Improved Ruby on Rails version
  • HTML/CSS fixes
  • JS improvements and fixes
  • Font Awesome icons update
  • Template was completely redesigned
  • Main navigation toggling
  • Multilevel dropdown in main navigation
  • Todo lists
  • Recent activities
  • Chats
  • Tweaked calendar
  • Character counter
  • Validators
  • Password strength
  • CKEditor
  • Form wizard
  • Various widgets (collapsed, colored, small header, toolbar)
  • Updated Font Awesome to 3.1.1
  • Updated Bootstrap to 2.3.2
  • Fixed header, fixed main navigation
  • Country flags
  • Address book
  • Filetrees
  • Improved Inplace editing
  • Improved datatables
  • Example pages (invoice, gallery, timeline, pricing tables, user profile, 404/500 errors, sign in/sign up/forgot password, search results, blank
  • Various layouts
  • More contrast and background colors
  • Email templates (newsletter, confirmation, reset)
  • Documentation
  • Many more...
  • Dropdown in main navigation
  • Improved font contrast in main navigation
  • Included SASS files
  • Initial release

Third party resources of Flatty Bootstrap Theme include: