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MetroAdmin Premium Feature Rich Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme

MetroAdmin Premium Feature Rich Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme
CMS/Framework: Bootstrap Themes
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Layout: Responsive, Fluid
Preprocessors: NA
Price: $4

Main features of MetroAdmin Bootstrap Template include:

  • Inspired from Metro UI.
  • Flat design without any extra effects.
  • Add colors easily to any blocks.
  • Head bar with dropdown support for chats, messages and users.
  • Colorful sidebar with dropdown support.
  • Sidebar has mini calendar.
  • Notification box with minimize, maximize and close support.
  • Go to top button on bottom left.
  • Quick status on home page with Charts.
  • Big charts powered by jQuery Flot plugin.
  • Mini charts powered by jQuery Sparkline plugin.
  • Widget style blocks.
  • Widget blocks supports minimize, maximize and close button.
  • Fully responsive charts.
  • Base file included to create your own pages.
  • Calendar page with Google calendar based on Full Calendar plugin.
  • This theme supports bar chart, curve chart, pie chart and real time chart.
  • Error page when something went wrong.
  • Error log page to showcase generated errors.
  • Form page lists all possible form fields.
  • Supports CL editor for forms.
  • Gallery page to view your images.
  • Invoice page shows invoice layout.
  • Login and register page.
  • Media page shows the media files in table.
  • Posts pages shows the interface to create post.
  • Posts page supports custom fields, excerpts, tags and categories.
  • Profile page to edit your profile.
  • Statement page shows the statement layout.
  • Support page with filtering option.
  • Tables page shows the different ways to use tables.
  • Project widget with project completion details.
  • Recent activity widget shows the activity of user.
  • Simple google map widget.
  • User widget shows the details of user.
  • Quick setting widget to change the settings on the fly.
  • Chats widget to chat with your users.
  • Recent posts and recent comments widget.
  • Operating system and browser widget.
  • Task manager widget.
  • File upload widget with incrementing progress bar.
  • Quick post widget to make posts on the fly.
  • Bootstrap switch plugin support.
  • jQuery horizontal and vertical slider plugin.
  • Date and timer picker plugin.
  • Star rating plugin.
  • Notification is powered by Gritter plugin.
  • Colorful theme.
  • Fully responsive.
  • Fully based on bootstrap.
  • Uses google web fonts.
  • Uses font awesome icons.

Third party resources of MetroAdmin Bootstrap Theme include: