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SmartAdmin Elegant Retina Ready Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme

SmartAdmin Elegant Retina Ready Responsive Admin and Dashboard Bootstrap Theme
CMS/Framework: Bootstrap Themes
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery
Layout: Responsive, Fluid, Fixed-width
Preprocessors: LESS,SASS
Price: $18

Main features of SmartAdmin Bootstrap Template include:

  • Carefully hand coded from head to toe
  • Contains neatly organized and commended HTML, JS and LESS files (unminified CSS files available)
  • Built with bootstrap 3.3.x (contains LESS files for the Custom BS Build)
  • Retina Graphs and Icons
  • w3 valid cross browser compatible HTML5 markup
  • Unique, never seen before, localStorage Widgets (Jarvis Widget 2.0) with custom controls for the users (now includes a robust API)
  • 6 Level responsive navigation
  • Scales to almost any size (Fluid/Responsive/Boxed and Container)
  • Two different navigation options (horizontal or vertical no DOM changes required to switch between the two)
  • CSS3 Animated
  • Modern Form Elements (jQuery select2, colorpicker, datepicker, validation, iDevice buttons and wizard)
  • Professional Design and Branding (includes matching email templates [nonBootstrap], and a static landing page)
  • Unique menu API that can be collapsed, or hidden (show on hover). Menu also adapts on mobile phones very swiftly.
  • Unique Google Map Skins (7 in total)
  • Professional looking Theme Skins (6 in total)
  • RTL support
  • Colorblind Friendly CSS (this is experimental)
  • Google like Gallery with dataattribute descriptions
  • Smart Alert and Smart Notification with sound
  • Dynamic Data Table with export to PDF/Excel
  • Smart Form elements (built on top of bootstrap library for robust form development)
  • AJAX pages (pages are pulled in and scripts are loaded on request per page)
  • Includes an impressionistic
  • Also contains a Clean HTML version, , , and with Gulp Tasks
  • To learn more about each of our versions please head over to
  • There are tons more features that are just waiting to be discovered...
  • Functional Inbox page (all you will need to do is code the backend)
  • Sparkline, Easy Pie Charts and various important form elements are controlled by data*attributes
  • Fully functional Calendar with Add event with color, description and icon
  • Lighter pages (page scripts/plugins are loaded with a lazy load technique via ajax)
  • Breadcrumbs are built automatically
  • Various button types and colors
  • Custom tree view
  • Jquery UI Compatible
  • Collapse Navigation (show on hover)
  • Fixed header, ribbon and navigation
  • Minified navigation minifies the navigation to show only icons, reveals children on parent hover.
  • metro type shortcut dropdown (click the username to show)
  • Built to run as a one page app (never refresh again)
  • AJAX pages (pages are pulled in and scripts are loaded on request per page)
  • Lazy loads scripts, plugins and styles
  • Jquery animated page transitions
  • Loading bar
  • Breadcrumbs created dynamically
  • Contains page destroy function for memory leaks
  • Easily managed
  • Complete Modularized AngluarJS structure, getting you more closer to integrate with a backend. Solid Workflow, dependencies (plugins) management with Twitter Bower, tasks automation with Grunt just like Twitter
  • Pure CSS3 Page Transitions
  • Angular Router (with nested routes)
  • Lazy Load scripts
  • Menu Condensed, Offcanvas, Collapsed, Minified and Menu on top
  • Validation ready Forms
  • Wizard with validation
  • Mobile fast click
  • Widgets utility classes
  • CSS3 Spinners
  • RESTful API with JSON files for Chat, Calendar Events, Inbox & Messages, Project list and Todos
  • Inapp Settings (with autosave)
  • +80 directives (very modular)
  • Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) support (translation loaded from JSON files)
  • Comes in two formats, PHP ajax and PHP html
  • Added function class for Datatables
  • Localized assets folder
  • SmartUI Class framework for Widget, Datatable, Button, Alert, Progressbar, Msgbox, Tab, Accordion, Carousel, Smart Form classes, SmartNav
  • Uses bundling for serving the CSS and JS files, reducing server load and bandwidth
  • Comes with builin ASP.NET Identity support, out of the box authentication!
  • Cleverly divided into easy to manage views and reusable partial views for your convenience
  • Contains several tricks and HTML helpers to ensure an even smoother integration with SmartAdmin!
  • Uses a custom configuration mapping to control the theme from the familiar web.config
  • Uses ViewModels to abstract the form validation from the data models for more control over your data
  • And many many more, take a look inside for yourself!
  • Please close the default WrapBootstrap iFrame when viewing from IE
  • Now includes with custom smartui library, with 80+ directives, and (to help you get started)!